Monday, September 13, 2010

My Autumn baby is 21!

Hair the colour of the season she was born in, my baby girl is now 21!  Vivacious, funny, beautiful and kind - hearted. It seems no time at all since that evening she was born, and I fell head over heels in love with that head of red fuzzy hair.  Now here she is all grown up, ready to enter adulthood in her own inimitable way.

We gave her a piece of keepsake jewellery and also this beautiful, gentle angel to watch over her.  Handmade with love by the very talented Tracey, who blogs here.
We had a family lunch at our favourite restaurant on Saturday, which was a mad riot as usual.  Lots of laughter and lovely food, and then back home for a squidgy chocolate cake and something fizzy!.  Grandson Finlay, at 2 years old, obviously considers himself the candle blowing out expert. 
Not quite sure what secret those two boys were sharing, but I think it might have had something to do with cake!

So, since we were altogether,  we thought we would use the opportunity to have one of those nice, wholesome, family photographs taken. Not much chance with my cheeky bunch and probably just as well there is no audio accompaniment. Well we tried.... not the most artistic series of shots, but they do make me smile:)


  1. Lovely!! Happiest of birthdays to your gorgeous girl!

    I LOVE those sorts of family photos...they're *real*, y'know? Not like those awful solemn-faced, funeral-type shots where everyone sits still and behaves themselves!

    Yummy looking cake!

  2. Happy birthday to a beautiful young woman. She looks so much like you! And the montage is just lovely, a precious happy moment captured perfectly.
    Seems it is the season for beautiful girls birthdays ;-)

  3. Happy Birthday, love the assorted family photos - great fun!

  4. Those are so lovely! A very happy birthday! It's impossible trying to get all my family to sit still (and sensible) enough to take a photograph, but the resulting photos always seem to show their characters, even if they aren't always looking in the right direction when the shutter clicks, but they are always my favourite. xx

  5. A very happy 21st birthday to your beautiful daughter, she looks so full of love and joy :)
    Wow, I LOVE the family pics....just perfect xx

  6. Great family shots and happy BIRTH day to you!

  7. Looks like a beautiful celebration. Happy birthday.

  8. Beautiful piccies

    Happy birthday


  9. A very Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! I hope she had a great one. Love the family photos and agree with others--much better to have the candid shots that tell of "who they are."
    Looks like it was a great time!


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