Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day to night

I saw this Day to Night bag  on the Autumn edition of Rhythm of the Home magazine.  The idea really appealed to me.  It is a reversible bag with a night-time side and a daytime side. In the morning, it is packed with your night-time essentials - jammies, cosy socks, bedtime storybook and  cuddly penguin. All day it waits, ready on the chair by your bed, and then -

it's all there for you at bedtime. No more frantic hunt the slipper and disrupting the evening flow.  And then, once you are ready for bed, the bag is filled up with the clothes you need for the morning, enabling you to spend those extra minutes doing something more fulfilling than scrabbling through drawers and laundry baskets for vests and a matching sock.
Fabulous time saving  idea, and  a great addition to the bedtime/morning routiney thing.  Well, of course I know that you don't  need an actual bag, and, maybe I could be more organised and simply lay the things out under the pillow, or on the chair or whatever, but this is much more fun.  And besides, I get to show off something I actually made myself!


  1. This is very cute, I like this idea a lot. My daughter was one of these 'I cant find my sock' kids, every day for about 8 years, this would have been a good idea.
    I will add it to my huge list of craft projects. Thanks for posting.

  2. I love this!
    Will definitely have to have a go at this idea, I'm sure it will help with our day to night transition. Thank you. xx

  3. oh, what a fabulous idea! and so fun!! that's the thing you see, the fun factor....

  4. Precious.
    Every time I visit here, I just fall in love again with the bark boat photo in you header... bliss.

  5. yor sons bag looks great and will no doubt be very handy! well done

  6. I'm making some of these for Christmas pressies this year, your's is absolutely lovely! Mine will be serviceable at least I hope lol :) x

  7. This is adorable! (not to mention the cutie-pie model)

  8. Impressive! I would like one for myself!

  9. Beautifuly made bag! I'm inspired.


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