Monday, September 27, 2010

Back on the track.

At the beginning of last summer, I posted here about the new rail link being re-instated close to our home.  In it I lamented the loss of the cycle path, which had been built on the site of the original rail track, and over the years had become a wildlife haven and popular trail for the townsfolk.  Well, at last it has been re-opened - not officially mind you.  We can only use it on evenings and weekends, when there is no construction work, but still, it is as if we can breathe again.  On Sunday, after dinner, it was such a fine evening that we decided to head along for our first foray in almost 2 years. 
It is a fine surface to walk or cycle along, but - oh my - there really is a railway track right alongside!

Still, in a year or so, the vegetation will grow back, and with some tree planting along the way, we will never notice.  In fact, those trees on the right there really have grown considerably since our last visit here.
Some of the landmark sculptures have been returned (almost) to their original place.  Reaching 'The Pipes' was always far enough for our old dog, and he would start to turn back at this point.  He did the same on this walk.
James was quite concerned on finding this uprooted tree, and wondered if it would fit onto his trike.  "It could be our Christmas tree!" he reasoned.
So, it was a different walk, and yet, completely  familiar - those big skies are still there.
The buzzard and the finches still fly over their patch, but have new places to perch on.
 And, of course, Mother Earth has already begun to heal the wounds.


  1. Oh, I do loves James' Christmas tree - I hope it fit on his tricycle.

    Mother Earth heals beautifully - those flowers are gorgeous.

    I'm happy you got your path back.

    Here they turn lots of unused railroads into trails in the "rails to trails" program. Its created some beautiful paths.

  2. It all looks so new and scarred just now, but as you say, nature will move in again.

    I've been so struck by the book I've been reading, 'The World Without Us'. Your photos illustrated what the book sets out, about how nature will move in to the spaces that people leave. What I hadn't realised until reading the book was just how many birds die each year as a result of communications masts, including mobile phone transmitters, and high tension electricity wires. The figure is in the billions. Millions.

    Are those the masts at Harthill?

  3. How wonderful to be able to walk along the path that you have for so long been without to see the old familiar sights and new ones. It was lovely looking at the photos of your first foray in such a long time.

    The first of many I'm sure!! It will be amazing to see how quickly the plants grow.

    Thank you for your beautiful comment on my blog today. I love fairy stories as well especial those that end Happily Ever After.

    Have a beautiful day. xxx

  4. How lovely to be able to walk the old walk again. And you're right Mother Nature will heal the scarred landscape and beauty will return. As it clearly already is from your last photo.
    Blessings to you all.


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