Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand, again on the beach, with my husband and younger son. Our feet glow in a stream of water, turned to amber by the peat it has flowed through on its way to the sea.

This stream is a transient one - here one day and gone the next, sculpted by the Atlantic breakers that sweep into this bay, heaping sand and stones into ever-changing patterns.

The stream flows down from the hills and carves out its path anew with every tide.  Today it is wide and meandering, with deep pools of warm golden water.

We too change the shape and flow of this stream  - playing in and around the banks.  A little push here, a scoop of sand there, a run and jump there. 

With our every move around this fragile fluid world, we alter it in some way, and the repercussions can be seen further down - the water flows differently, or a sand ledge appears.  I think of that quote which reminds us to "take only memories, leave only footprints" In our wanderings, let us take care that our footprints are light.
Many thanks to Nicole from Gardenmama, who hosts Wandering Wednesday on her beautiful blog.  Join her and other wandering women from around the world, all with the gentlest of footsteps.


  1. Beautiful, I never knew peat would turn the water such a lovely colour - something I have learnt today thanks to your wandering. Such a vibrant amber colour too xx

  2. very lovely...


  3. Wow- what lovely photos- such a sweet little boy playing in the water!

  4. Your post is so beautifully written and photographed. Thank you for sharing such tranquility and beauty! The color of the water is very interesting, your photo contribution to 'Wandering Wednesday' is lovely!

  5. Truly, a beautiful and poetic post Jacqui. Just wonderful-thank you for sharing!

  6. Absolutely enchanting. The forms, textures, colours, the pixie-child. So beautiful :-)

  7. Those are the most beautiful photos!! What a wonderful place for your little boy to grow up. xxxxx

  8. Peaty water flowing into sea water. The delights of the west coast.


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