Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Morning Meditation

I awoke early, before anyone else this morning. On the rare occasions this happens, I normally sigh deeply and snuggle back down, but today I felt drawn to the peace and stillness of this Sunday morn.  It was already warm in the sun, but with just that hint of sharpness in the air - the next season waiting in the wings.
I had a leisurely wander around the garden with my camera, trying to capture the late summer feeling - and it is, still summer - for just a little while.
I watched the hens devouring their breakfast - their bright red combs bobbing up and down.  Further along on the lavender hedge, a bumble bee was already hard at work, gathering the winter stores.

 I pass apple and plum trees laden with fruit - ready to be preserved for our own winter storecupboard.

 Garlic is already strung up in bunches to dry, and I stop to pick a tangle of french beans for our Sunday lunch.  The rowan berries are abundant this year - I always mean to make some rowan jelly, but never get around to it.  Maybe this year - surely the birds won't miss a few?
 Our sunflowers are late this year - nonetheless welcome for that.  I love the burnished colour of this one - still making up her mind whether to bloom or not - I think she will.  Purple podded peas hang on the vine, where they will dry and later be shelled into jars for winter use, and I stop by a drift of heady sweet peas and bright cornflowers - still enough for a jug or two yet.

Tomatoes drip off the vines - a daily harvest.  These plum tomatoes are loving this sunny weather and will ripen soon enough - plenty of time.  As I walk back down the path, shy violet peeps out - "I'm here" she whispers.  The herb beds by the conservatory door are bursting with seeds, soon to be saved in paper envelopes for another garden next year.

I sit down on the step, mug of tea in hand and watch the swallows cavorting joyfully in this blue Sunday sky.
They are here, still...


  1. What a lovely peaceful morning...

  2. Oh this was just FANTASTIC! Loved it! Inspiration!

  3. Lovely, lovely post. Thank you for sharing your mug of tea and Sunday morning with us!

  4. My daughter and I made rowan and apple jelly a few years ago. The flavour was rather...challenging. Perhaps because we picked the rowans on a chill, rainy day (thinking biodynamic principles!). Or maybe just not enough sugar.

    Can you hear your swallows talking about leaving?

  5. how I adore reading your words, you have truly step into your next chapter, embracing this time and place with open arms .. love it ... get ready for visitors cause I am sure going to make my way to see you xxx


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