Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Show.

We have had a really busy week,and i have been flopping into bed at absurdly early hours, trying to keep pace with this hectic lifestyle we seem to be leading (who said the pace of life here was slow?).  We did have our day out at the Carloway Show on Wednesday and really enjoyed ourselves, despite the lack of sunshine and rosettes.  Still, the Lewis folk really know how to turn on the style despite the rain - how cool are these wellies?

There were plenty of sheep to be admired.  

The sheep shearing competition was a pretty fierce event.  They make it look so easy, don't they?

Not sure what this chap thinks about it though.

The home industries section was another hotly contested area.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of teenagers taking part in this - especially the cake making.  By the time i got close enough to take this picture, though, some of the entries had already gone home.

I was very interested in seeing the vegetable section, however.  Many people imagine that Lewis is a barren treeless peat bog of an island.  It most definitely is not.  The table was covered in various baskets of the most wonderful produce - a lot of it grown outside too.  No excuses for me then.

The winning fruit basket was just sublime.  We visited this man's amazing garden today, as he is quite nearby, and he was incredibly  helpful with his advice on growing conditions here.  It was a really useful visit, but I think it may be a few years before he needs to worry about any competition from here :)  Mind you, I didn't get round to entering my lettuces, and, although I say it myself, I might have had a wee chance.
Faint heart, though...

And finally - the heavy events.  Here is the eventual champion of the day (Ranald Fraser) as he prepares to toss the caber (the a sound as in apple).  The caber is an 18 foot tree trunk , which weighs up to 175pounds.  The competitor has to hold the caber upright, by the thin end, and throw it so that it lands on its heavy end and flips over.  Distance is not the object here; the caber must fall directly in front of the thrower - at 12 o'clock if you like.

Looks good to me.

And here he is again, throwing the 28lb weight over the high bar.

Great stuff!  And a great day out. We even met quite a few people we knew, which gave it more of a community feel for us.
It seems so long ago since my last melancholic post, and yet I can't believe how quickly the time is going past. Another busy week is ahead already and a few days of summer have been promised. Life goes on. x


  1. That all looks good fun...and the fruit and veg look delicious xx

  2. look at that lovely fruit xx looks like you had a grand time x

  3. Wow, great time at the show then. I love to see shows with a good turn out, that fruit basket is just gorgeous.

    Look forward to seeing your entries next year ;-). And maybe some for James in the childrens category.

  4. Hello my friend, I have been promising myself for awhile now to carve out a small chunk of time, make a coffee and sit and catch-up with all your new adventures properly and that is what I have just mangaed to do .. and what a delight.
    Firstly huge congratulations on such a step, wonderful,living life in all its glory and many congratulations on another grandchild due, lovely lovely news.
    Your photos are as always, works of art, capturing colours, feel and happiness perfectly.I adore the snap on the front of TM, well done you on that and your competition wins, well deserved.
    I love reading your words, following your new way of life, thanks so much for sharing,
    My love to you all ... if you get 5 mins, could you email me your new address, would love to write xx

  5. Those sheep are so CLEAN! I suspect them of having been shampooed before their haircut.

    And the fruit and veg! Please tell us more about island gardening. Is it like Shetland, with shelter belts of salt-burnt rosa rugosa, or drystane walls?

    Talking of the younger generation and crafts, my daughter made raspberry jam yesterday, which has set beautifully. There is serious talk about entering it in the horticultural show.

  6. Fab post Jacqui! Really enjoyed it. Love those gorgeous vegetables-Wow! And I'm glad you shared that and the fruit as i must admit i was one who thought the island barren.
    Enjoyed the photos of the games too [and some rather nice looking chaps in the crowd :) ]
    Time is really flying isn't it!
    Yes-Great Stuff!
    Have a wonderful week!
    meggs xxoo

  7. Thank you all for your appreciation.
    We will certainly be having a go at quite a few categories next year, but sadly, dawn, there were no childrens' vegetable categories - not even a funny creature. There is an art section though.
    Linda - you are right about the rosa rugosa, but even more so. There are several layers to a windbreak here - lots of willow, but also 50/50 sheep netting. We did see bronze fennel being used as a very effective windbreak at the fruit winner's garden. Good luck to your daughter in the jam section.
    meggs - I wondered if anyone would notice the chaps. I am always trying to persuade my younger daughter to come to these shows, in the vain hope she might meet a nice young farmer...;)


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