Saturday, August 14, 2010

Delightful transports.

I was going to say that we went to a classic car rally today, but actually it was billed as the Western Isles Transport Group show. There were a few tractors and motorbikes, but it was mostly cars.  James is very interested in transport, he happily plays at 'garages' every day and we read a lot about cars and trucks.  So, seeing this as a sort of field trip on the subject, we headed off. 
We have a friend back down in the Central belt who refers to Lewis as The Isle of Rust!  Not a lot of rust in evidence here, I have to say.  Lots of shiny, shiny metal glinting in the sun. 
Ford had a big presence on the field, with this gorgeous turquoise Popular and lots of Escort Mexico's.

  Nice Hillman Humber.

James and his dad studying the inner workings of a Triumph Stag.
 A couple of immaculate Morris(es) or should that be Morrisii?

And a Vauxhaull Cresta!  I had forgotten all about them, but now I recall that our next door neighbour had one.  OK, I know I am sounding a bit anoraky here, but it was a very pleasant afternoon of nostalgia.  All around us were cries of  "Oh- my Dad had one of those!"  "Look - I've not seen one of those for years!" 

Like this old Bedford van, which was a former workers' minibus.  Mind you, there were some cars which I didn't think were actually vintage - that snappy red Escort GTI, or the Capri, for instance - surely some mistake!

 So, after all that, we couldn't wait to get home to have a go on our own latest form of transportation.

 James thinks it is a very sleek machine.


  1. So great seeing your photos- I love the subtle differences between the cars in North America and the European cars-
    We went to a car show a few months ago and I wrote a post about it here:

  2. A great day out. John and the boys love classic transport shows and I must say their enthusiasm is infectious.
    Best wishes to you all. xx

  3. That looks like a fun day, old cars are so much more interesting than modern ones I think (and I bet most of those don't break down as much as mine does!!!)

    I love the little bike trailer! The first time I saw one of those was in Centerparcs! Our children just loved being taken for rides inside them and they looked so cosy inside! Are the roads around you nice and quiet for bike riding? When we move, we'll have some nice, quiet roads to cycle on which will be a real novelty as they're too busy here. Lovely photos.xx

  4. Lovely pictures! We bought a new bike trailer for the children as its very flat around here. I even now do my weekly shopping with it. xxx

  5. Lovely photo's, charlie is also a fan of transport, he would love to visit a display like that.
    Love and blessings xx

  6. great day, love that last shot, such a cutie xx
    all love my darling x

  7. Were the cars etc 'natives', or had some come over on the ferry for the occasion?

    The thing that struck me about your house in the second last shot was the SPACE all round about. A bit different to the Central Belt!

  8. I love James' transport the most (although Ben would probably say the Capri was better...there's no accounting for taste) :) x

  9. You will wonder why there's such a late delay to this one, but I've only just seen it on your Friday's post (today 16.3.12). We have classic cars and during the summer there's a show almost every week. Husband goes to most of them and I only go to some. He restores them for a living. Your comment about the Escort and the Capri - well both of those you showed are classics, presumably those Escorts were RS2000s. The Capris are very sought after.

    I have a VW Classic Beetle of 1973 era, paying no Road Tax! Wonderful. Husband has a classic Range Rover (AKA heap of rubbish) and he restores Triumph Stags for other people. That's why he is driving around in heaps of metal!!!

    1. Hi CF - I'm glad you enjoyed this post - there is a big interest in classic cars here on the island. Both John and I had VW beetles in our youner days - had to pay road tax then though. Mine was orange with a blue door xxx


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