Friday, August 20, 2010

Beach Art

We are holding on to Summer as tightly as we can.  Every day gifts different wonders for us, here on our beach.  Today we were in an artful mode, as we played with our seaside treasures. Water, weed, sand and stones - just right for all sorts of sensory creations.

Inspired by Friday's Nature Table at The Magic Onions.


  1. Wonderful summer pictures, cheers Marie

  2. Such lovely beach art! I too love the creativity beaches can inspire.

    Happy week-ending...

  3. We are hanging onto Summer here too! Each day of sunshine is so precious and although the signs of Autumn are all around now, the sun is warm and has a new, soft light to it. Beautiful photographs.xxxx

  4. lol - i am kicking summer in it's wretched backside and sending it on it's way....(it's been horribly hot and humid here this year -- not an ounce of outdoor enjoyment - beyond excursions to the pool)

    what gorgeous beach creations -- such a perfect thing -- art-in-transition...


  5. Who needs a nature table in a classroom when you have this beach?

    Love the effect of the foam over the stones.

  6. how beautiful, this reminds me of andy goldsworthy.. it looks like a wonderful time speant at the ocean!

  7. a rock addict, of course i am just drooling over your lovely artworks. Boy you just can't get better time spent than that. Looks and sounds wonderful, even though I love "my" desert scene.

    That photo in the upper right hand corner looks like shark jaws! :0

    I hope you have a wonderful and magical week!

    meggs xxoo

  8. Thank you for all your comments.
    Meggs - it is supposed to be a heart, but maybe you have hit on a deeper meaning.
    Gardenmama I am thrilled that you think this. Although we were not thinking of this, I do admire Andy Goldsworthy very much. He lives quite close to where we are on the mainland and there are a few of his works very nearby, so we are privileged indeed.


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