Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wandering Wednesday

Here I stand, my bare feet cooling in the foaming Atlantic Ocean, after a hot afternoon working on our croft.  I am wearing my favourite summer skirt, which is billowing out in the ever present breeze, making me lean forward to see my toes. The waves surge over my feet in their endless rhythm

My husband and son paddle at the water's edge.  There can be no rushing and plunging headlong into the waves here;  the currents are very strong and dangerous and small boys could easily be swept out towards America  - the next landfall. So we stand truly on the edge of our country, gazing out to the West.  Many people from here left for The New World - some willingly, but most were forced to by the Highland Clearances. The rich landowners thought that sheep were more important than the indigenous people, and so they were cleared off the land and into the emigrant ships.

But the land endures, and so do the people.  Now we are reclaiming a tiny couple of acres back for ourselves.  We have so many ideas, and much work to do.  My husband, John, takes up his scythe and begins. ..

while James revels in the lush summer grass, hunting for bugs and flowers and hearing the steady rhythmic sound of his father mowing..

Wandering Wednesday is a beautiful new photo challenge from Nicole at GardenMama. She says:
"Lets all take notice of where our feet take us and point our cameras down to take notice of where we are planted."
It is good to reflect on where we are - in the world - in the day - in our lives.  Do join in... you never know where you might end up!


  1. Happy days, lovely pictures xxx

  2. How nice you are reclaiming a piece of the land back for your family. It sounds like a beautiful place where you live. Thanks for sharing your wandering thoughts with us.


  3. Lovely piccies, gorgeous skirt and love the footprints down the sand


  4. That's a really lovely post and such gorgeous photographs. It's strange to walk on land that holds such history isn't it. Nice to see that the troubles of the past are now replaced by gentle mowing and happy little boys! If only trees could talk. I'm really enjoying seeing you settling in this beautiful place. I can imagine that you wake up each morning and can't wait to get out there and see what's new! xxxx

  5. What a beautiful place you live in.
    Your photos refresh and inspire. I lvoe the one of your feet in the waves!

  6. Your home land is so beautiful.

    I LOVE LOVE your Wandering Wed. photo - that skirt, the sea, so pure.

  7. I'm new to your blog - but how lovely it is! Beautiful wandering wednesday photo. I wish I were wading in the water.

  8. what a gorgeous place you live in! lovely post.

  9. I loved your 'Wandering' post so very much! Such a stunning place you call home surrounded by family. Your beautiful skirt and the ocean flowing over your feet made me smile. Thank you for sharing this refreshing beauty!

  10. It looks and sounds just beautiful! I do hope that pic #2 and pic #4 will be going into the next Ag show for some rosettes!! :))
    Wow-you did that move really fast! I am amazed. Will you have any garden this season or was that put on the shelf for this year? (Besides your lettuce you mentioned earlier)

  11. Lovely post and I adore your summer skirt-

    Your words are so calm and soothing-

    I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I really enjoyed this post - it is a simple idea - take a picture of your feet and reflect on where you are, yet the reflection took me back in e history - to another continent, back to the being in the present and then anticipating future plans. quite a journey standing in those waves.

    My skirt os quite a few years old - one of those things we all seem to have - worn as much as possible in the summer - washes like a ribbon and dries really quickly to go on again the next day. wardrobe essential.
    Megg - I have one or two things on the go, salads and leeks. We still have the other garden as our middle two children are there until the end of the year, so there will be pictures of a lot of garlic very soon!

  13. Just Beautiful Jacqui!
    Have given you an award over on my blog :) xx


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