Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Unexpected Prizes!

The Point Agricultural Show is one of the first of several held on the Islands during the summer.  Although it was not our local show, people outside the area were allowed to enter the photography section.  I have never done anything like this before, and have only really been seriously taking pictures for a year or so, but I gave it a go.  And guess what?  I got 3 rosettes!    This snap of James at The Mother camp in May won 3rd prize in the portrait section. 

This picture is a favourite taken at Horgabost beach in the Isle of Harris earlier in the Spring.  It won 2nd prize in the open section.  I am also very honored and delighted that this photograph is the cover shot of the current The Mother magazine.

Finally - this picture took first prize in the abstract section.  I was very surprised by this, as I wasn't even going to enter that section, and just printed this one off at the last minute.  It is simply a picture of our open fire taken on a winter's evening. I liked the way the piece of wood was burning down. 

So there you go.  i am so thrilled with my red, blue and yellow rosettes - our own local show is in 2 weeks time, so I will try a few more.  As I am a resident in the area, I am allowed to enter other sections of the show too, so I am nursing along one of the lettuces we brought up as seedlings last month to enter, as well as a bottle of elderflower cordial, made from our own tree.  It is very addictive this rural show business. Great fun and a good way to integrate into a community too.


  1. I thought I recognised that middle one! Love the fire photo.

  2. Congratulations, and good luck for future shows.
    We've entered local shows just for fun and been surprised when we've won things, often because there weren't many entries ;-)

    love the pictures x

  3. Great piccies, and lovely to catch up. It sounds like such a lovely place xxx

  4. Those were well deserved rosettes!

  5. How great for you!! Love all the photographs. Congrats on the rosettes and on the cover photo.
    I was watching a public television show on the Isle of Mull and was thinking of you! Do you have Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles (and otters) where you are now?


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