Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good things.

Well, we've been here a few weeks now and it is safe to say that we all love it. Now we even have broadband, so i can tell you  how much I love it too.  Unfortunately i brought the wrong camera/ laptop lead, so I can't show any new pictures, but hopefully next week I can rectify that.  i have so many shots to download and am really looking forward to seeing them.
So - here are a few verbal snapshots of what i love about living here - in no particular order.

The fresh clean air.
Silent nights
Boys who sleep all night
Doing my weekly shopping from a van
Having to factor in an extra hour and a half to do anything, as people stop to talk all the time.
The people
The community feeling.
The scenery
The changeable weather 
The wind - keeps the midges away
Being on an island
Having our own peat banks to cut our own fuel
The croft and outbuildings
Working out our plans for the croft
Visiting the Stones
The beach
The people
The people
The view
Just - being here.....


  1. Oh it looks totally fabulous. I can imagine what you mean about the silent nights. When we stayed on Skye I actually slept in peace for the first time in ages, it was so quiet at night. Enjoy it!

  2. You sound so happy, and I can just imagine how you feel from your list above.

    Here's to happy times on your croft and in your new home. Happy planning!


  3. Sounds utterly delightful, I am highly envious!

    Really looking forward to photos.. and ohhh winter photos too, I bet you guys get fantastic snow up there... then I'll be even more envious!

  4. Sounds so wonderful Jacqui, I am very, very jealous (but very happy for you all of course!)

    It was lovely to see your photo on the cover of The Mother too :)

    Much Love
    Gina xx

  5. Thank you. It is so hard not to get too excited by all this, so I hope it doesn't come across as smug or anything, but i just can't stop smiling.
    Joxy - funnily enough there is not a lot of snow here in the winter. Last year was the first time for many years it had snowed heavily. It rains a lot - and the wind.... wow!

  6. Oh it sounds my idea of heaven!
    The midges are what my DH always says I couldn't cope with, when I say thats where my heart is!
    I shall use the wind to my advantage!

    Can't wait to see your photos.

    So pleased you are so happy.

    Kate x

  7. Hi Jacqui
    I meant to say on TM forum as well about loving the photo of James and John on the front. I love your main photo of the garlic scape as well. I just grew some hardnecked garlic this year and harvested the scapes to make some pesto. Delicious. Your new home sounds absolutely amazing and no you don't sound smug at all. It's so inspiring to hear people speak so enthusiastically about their home.


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