Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 51st State?

When I asked for my latest amazon order to be delivered to the new address on Lewis, they very kindly asked if  I would prefer to pay in US dollars, that being (as they imagined) my home currency.  Have I been out of contact so long that I have missed something?  Have Mr Cameron and Mr Obama come to some sort of arrangement , in which the Outer Hebrides is the price?  What is Mr Salmond doing abut it - does he even know? Hmmmm....

Anyway - quick post as we are back down in the Central belt for K's birthday and various appointments and stuff.  Back up on the early ferry tomorrow - leaving the house at 4 am to be in time!!  We should have out broadband on by the end of next week, so I will be live from Lewis then. (Assuming there have been no border checkpoints put up in the last few days)
Wondering about a change of name for the blog to fit in with the island, crofting  type life.  Not usre, really, because I am still an interrupted gardener - different things to distract me now.


  1. Brilliant to hear from you jaqui, hey maybe you have moved a little further than you thought lol!
    love to you n yours xxx

  2. So if I was to post you something, would I need to buy airmail stamps and stickers now? ;-)
    Enjoying following your journey to your new life, looking forward to more ...

    take care all xxx

  3. Good to have a quick catch up - Hope you managing to settle in xxx

  4. Oooh, Jacqui, what a lot I've missed while I've been absent from blogging! Lucky, lucky you fleeing the Central Belt. We are just back from getting my Dad moved back home after his 6 months in hospital, and if it wasn't for one child still at school we might well have decided to pack up city life.

    Looking forward to seeing your new surroundings. Lucky you (again).


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