Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June is busting out all over...

Just a stroll around the garden the other night produced this wonderful bouquet.  So many blooms this year - the hard winter has certainly been worth it.  I love these irises.

and the scarlet poppies are so intensely beautiful - they demand appreciation - they are here only fleetingly..

Poached egg plant - limnathese douglasii.  Very cheering ground cover plant which the hoverflies love, but the aphids don't!.

Chive flowers - pretty in the herb garden and tasty in the salad bowl.

A wonderful blowsy paeony rose - I have always lived beside these flowers, and they herald the onset of summer days for me.

Red lupins by the front door is a childhood memory of my husband.  These ones bloom every year straight out of the tarmac drive..  
An early anticipation of our plum harvest - not quite so heavy as last year, but still enough.

And these gorgeous turban lillies.  not sure what the people at the bus stop across the road thought of me wriggling around on my back in the flower bed trying to get this shot , but, hey-ho - I don't care, and it was worth it to see those exquisite flowers close up.  


  1. Wow! what colors, what beauty. great photos!

  2. Beautiful. I really should grow more flowers, maybe next year x

  3. Oh Jacqui-how gorgeous! I love the macro on the poppy, but the lupines got me, as they evoked childhood memories for me also. Isn't it amazing how things grow in unlikely places.
    And yes, wriggling around for the enjoyment of the bus passengers was definitely worth it! They are beautiful!

  4. Beautiful pictures. How can you resist just pulling off those chive heads and munching away? Heather and I certainly can't as our headless crop would prove :)


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