Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First report from the edge.

Well - here we have arrived at our new house on the Western Isles (Na h-Eileanan Siar.)  John happily surveys his new territory, while James is just glad to be out of the car.  The neighbouring sheep seems a bit indifferent, mind you, and the tray of lettuce plants look a bit travel sick.  Happily they have recovered, and we have had a very productive couple of weeks getting to know this house and land and beginning the transformation into what will become our home.

James especially loves his new playground.

It was such a special place to be at the solstice.  The druids were very much in evidence on Midsummer's Eve (photo taken around 10 pm)

But, you know - if this is the view from the kitchen sink, well it is going to be fairly special at any time.

Belated solstice blessings and love to all.


  1. Looks like quite a beautiful and serene place.

  2. Fabulous, I'm sure you'll makie it a lovely home in no time. Good times ahead x

  3. Glad your settling in, and what beautiful views. xxx

  4. I've been wondering how your move has been going and looking forward to seeing these photos. Your new home looks so beautiful and unspoilt. All that space and fresh air and wildlife, I am pretty envious I can tell you, but very happy for you. Looking forward to seeing further photos and posts of your surroundings and how you are settling in. xxxxx

  5. Gorgeous! Looking foward to many more photos :-)

  6. Wow! Space to grow, in every senses of the word. It looks wonderful! Did you/Are you attempting to move your whole garden Jacqui? I've been wondering this for a while, what were the plans for all you had planted already.

    Uh, yeah. I'd say you have a pretty marvey view out the kitchen sink. I love the shaggy neighbor that came by to say, hello! LOL!

    meggs xxoo

  7. Oh, that is so beautiful. What a great place to raise a child.

  8. Oh wow, here's to much happiness and joy in your beautiful new home xx

  9. beautiful, peaceful place! Are you anywhere near Iona or Skye? I was there many years ago (15 years!) and absolutely adored it.

  10. wow! Reminds me of the terrain of Newfoundland, Canada where I grew up. Yes, 'tis nice to have the cliffs and bogs to wander.
    best to you and yours in your new home.
    thanks for sharing

  11. jealous.com! it looks lovely!

    Good news from here too!
    Veronika has agreed to do a handfasting ceremony at the stone circle at next years mother camp for mike and myself!
    hope to see you there!

    Love, Peace and Light!
    Petra x

  12. Wow! It looks very tranquil. I hope you find peace and your own tranquility there. Wonderful life for you all! xx

  13. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for sometime, (I've just learnt how to add comments lol!)and I'm so pleased the move went well.

    I look forward to following your adventures in your new home.

    B x

  14. I am so looking forward to hearing about your new adventure. :) It just looks stunning! xx


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