Thursday, June 10, 2010


We had a wonderful time at The Mother Camp in North Yorkshire last week.  Five days of fun, laughter, a few tears, fantastic food, cooked with love in a zen kitchen, and met so many great new friends.  I miss you all already  One of two faces missing - I send all my love and please know that you are in my thoughts.
James and John have both been ill with a nasty virus since we got back, and it is taking it's time to go, so not much has been happening - especially since the washing machine broke down too - ho-hum.  So, it means our trip to the North has been put back a few days.At least it allows us to catch up a bit.
I took quite a few pictures at the camp - mostly of other people. so I won't be showing them here.  If you were at the camp, I am setting up a Flickr page and will post on the egroup, or Veronika will mention it on her blog, when i have the photos uploaded.  It means that others will be able to post their photos too, if they want. Here are some that I can show - above is the wonderful Roundhouse - scene of our morning mothers' meetings, and the mens' circle. Great times of sharing and fellowship happened in this space.

James rushing down the hill towards the camp centre. He thouroughly enjoyed himslef and had a wonderful time playing with the other children.

We held an outdoor Blessingway ceremony for three pregnant mamas - led beautifully by Veronika. We were all connected in our circle by a red thread, which we now wear individually and will do so, until the babes are born.

But mostly all we did was to have relax and have fun.  

I do have some more photographs I can show, so, hopefully i will get a couple of more post up before we go away again, but I can only grab a quick 5 minutes here and there. xxx 


  1. Glad you had a great time.
    Still waiting to see your new haircut though so hope there is a picture of you somewhere to follow :-)


  2. Oops, forgot to say hope your boys are better soon!


  3. Must have been blissful, sounds like a great time!

  4. Ohhhh, I do so really wish we could have been there, it looks and sounds wonderful. I cant wait to see the pics and of course your fab new haircut :)
    love n blessings sue xxx

  5. lovely to hear you had a good time, sad not to have been there .. all my love darling xx

  6. I'm chiming in about the seeing the new haircut too!
    So glad to hear you had such a wonderful (and sounds like renewing) time!! Love the photos, especially the one of John and James-wonderful!!
    Is it just me or has James taken a good growth spurt? He looks taller in the first pic and then in the last one, his face looks longer/leaner and more "boy-ish" now.
    It goes so fast doesn't it?
    Have a great weekend Jacqui!

  7. Hi Jacqui, John and James,

    I love the photos, brings back memories! If you've got any of William, Mike or myself it would be great if you could email them to me?

    Hope we will meet again sometime, I think William espercially misses his adoptive dad :)

    Love, Petra x

  8. Petra - lovely to hear from you - we miss William he is such a great wee boy. i do have some photos - can you email me at or via the egroup and i will have your email address then.

    Meggs and Dawn - i am always behind the lens, so never get my photo taken. I will see what i can do.

    Boys are recovering - James took ages to get better though. Hope to post some more pics before we go on wednesday xxx


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