Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please help this Mother if you can.

URGENT ACTION ALERT - The UK Borders Agency is planning on forcing Sehar ...

For a long time I have been involved with a charity which helps destitute asylum seekers in this country.  I am constantly appalled at the inhumane way we treat those fleeing from fearful and potentially life-threatening situations.Particularly Mothers and Children.  It is hard to face the idea that in this country we incarcerate young children and babies almost on the whim of a Home Office official.  I know this is a controversial and contentious issue, but for humanity's sake, please at least read the link.
Thank you.


  1. Thanks for highlighting this Jacqui. I've sent an email to both the addresses in the article and pray that those in charge have a conscience. xxxx

  2. Still no resolution for Sehar, but lots of pressure being put upon those in power. Let us hope that compassion wins the day.


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