Saturday, May 22, 2010

May days

The month is slipping away so fast and I feel an urge to hold on to every moment.  We have been busy around the garden and with trips out and about.  Nothing special, but still very special. I have been deliberately leaving the camera in the house, so that I can be in the moment.  Nothing spoils that feeling more than the thought that 'this would be a good one for the blog!'  So this week I did not take pictures of the salt dough volcano we made and painted, the new worms we introduced to the wormery, James creating a garden of his very own, our very long and much enjoyed visit to the soft play centre, or lunch in my daughter's lovely garden, playing with my grandson, or any of the hundred and one ordinary things we have done.  These images, however, will ripen in my memory, but unlike that strawberry, which James is checking regularly as to it's ripeness, I can enjoy them time and again.
I did have a run round - well, a gentle amble round, the top garden to see what was blooming, and these I will share.

The heady scent of lilac wafts up the garden path - so sweet and delicious.  I always think of Walt Whitman's elegy to Abraham Lincoln - When Lilacs Last in the Door-yard Bloom'd. But not too much, as it is a very sad poem.  Maybe why it is considered unlucky to bring lilacs inside the house.

Apple blossom, delicately scented petals, scattered like confetti on the grass in the slightest breeze.  The macro effect here was an accident, but I quite like the misty ethereal feeling.

Bluebells along the path by the door.  What can you say about spring and bluebells?  Magnificent.

Aquilegia - a rampant self-seeder in this garden.  To think I used to carefully divide the clumps when I first moved here - now they grow everywhere.  Herbally, they used to be used to ease labour pains - and as a plant sacred to Venus, they were said to arouse the affections of a lover.  I think I can see why.

And  bed linen drying on the line - washed and now back on the bed, sun warmed and smelling so fresh and clean - no chemical 'softener' can ever compete with that.
Heading for a busy time right now - writing to do, a move in the offing (more at a later date), and preparations for The Mother camp next week. Take care and enjoy these days. xx


  1. That aquilegia is stunning, I love them! And I always think it is so unfortunate that it is unlucky to bring lilac into the house, as the scent is divine!

    Have a lovely time at The Mother camp, hope the weather is a bit better for you this year!

    And here's to your own personal memories, the best kind!

  2. Lovely photos!! I love this time of year, it goes so fast as you say and as we've waited for it for soooo long, I just want to hit the 'pause' button and keep it for a while before the soft greens turn darker and the 'newness' is gone.

    This has been the first year that I haven't planted anything in the garden. I thought there was no point as we're moving in a few months, but I realise how much I have missed it and how important it is to plant seeds and seedlings and have something to watch over each day and all the changes to enjoy. It kind of connects you to the time of year doesn't it. So, tomorrow, we're off to the garden centre and I can't wait!

  3. Your garden is beautiful...and isn't the warmer weather wonderful?

    We have strawberries this year in multitudes...I just made a fruit salad with them last night..and they were soooo sweet.

  4. nothing like the smell of line dried bedding , happy garden days xx

  5. Gorgeous! I too have been leaving the camera in the house for the same reason(s). All your flower photos are gorgeous!
    No need to say further, your beautiful post says it all!

    Don't forget to take good care of yourself whilst you are busy!


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