Thursday, May 13, 2010

Doing the maths

James is very interested in cars and he can sit and play all day with his collection of mainly charity shop purchases.  The other day he announced he was going to make a circle shaped car park.  So he did (well, Mum helped  just a wee bit), but I was impressed that he knew what a circle shape was, as we have never sat him down and told him about shapes.

Later on I was getting on with some knitting, and pulled out the measuring tape to check on my (very slow) progress.  He was right up there holding the tape and asking how big it was.  Then he picked up a couple of stitch markers and looked at them.  "Mum!  These are number shapes!" he exclaimed.  And so they are - how did he work all that out?  Just by living, observing and noticing.  It is moments like this when I know it will be fine.
I am indebted to my friend Peggy for sending me this link.  It made me smile and nod my head, in a wry and knowing way.


  1. I'm betting it will be better than fine!
    What are you knitting in that beautiful shade of blue?

    Great car park too! :)

  2. it is such a joy to hear and see them discovering in their own way, in their own time .. and James is blessed with a wonderful Mama & Papa xxx

  3. I can knit and do the basics in quilting but I love to crochet. Right now I am making jug/bowl covers. I had to search google to find a pattern and a whatsit. These covers, in the olden days, were to prevent critters getting into your jug when you went on your picnic. They are a basic doily with beads on the ends to weigh them down. That is what I am making now for Christmas gifts. I forgot about the homeschoolers thingy, ha! But I have a new blog now, the other one got deleted. Its Who Can Discover It?


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