Monday, May 17, 2010

Booksharing Monday - Bottoms.

This week I want to share a new funny story called the Big Bottom Hunt, by Lari Don.  It tells the story of Ella and Sandy, who live in a seaside village, possibly in East Lothian or Fife, in Scotland.  They come down to the beach every morning to see what the tide has left them, and one day they find a telescope.  They deduce that it has been left there by someone, rather than washed in from the sea. but who does it belong to?  The only clue they can find is a bottom print in the sand.

They make a drawing of the bottom print, and go round the village asking people if their bottom fits.
They asked everyone they knew, "Is this your bottom?" But it wasn't anybody's bottom.
I especially like this bit,
It couldn't be Sandy and Ella's mum, because she never got a chance to sit down.  
Only a mother would know that!
Eventually they do discover the owner of the bottom, and make new friends in the process.
We enjoyed this fun book, and hope to be making lots of bottom prints this summer!
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1 comment:

  1. What a funny book! Thanks for the chuckle.
    (don't think i would like to see my own bottom print--yikes!)


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