Monday, May 3, 2010

Book sharing Monday - Gardening

A book we are reading an awful lot right now is Eddies Garden and how to make things grow, by Sarah Garland.  Eddie asks his Mum if he can have a garden of his own, and straight away they head for the garden centre with a list.  Back home they get digging, and in an amazingly short space of time they have dug up half their front lawn.  Seeds are planted in pots and in the plot and they wait to see what happens.  Soon enough seeds are sprouting all over the place and Eddie's garden is full of lush growth, fat pumpkins and sweetcorn as high as an elephant's eye - and a fabulous bean den too - which we are going to copy this year.

Grandad came around. He was so suprised he had to sit down. "Wow Eddie, your garden is amazing!"

And indeed it is (she says with just a hint of jealousy)

At harvest time, Eddie, Mum, Lily and Grandad sit down to enjoy the best picnic ever - vegetarian and high raw too!
Share in a feast of other books with Alex at Serendipity Home School's Book Sharing Monday.


  1. what a lovely story- thank you for sharing. I love spring time stories in the spring time!

  2. great book! we are new gardeners here and this book sounds lovely.
    thanks for sharing the link on my blog! I am so happy to see mr.linky working!

  3. What a great book and what a FAB idea with the bean den! Can't wait to see that!

  4. aloha,

    what a very colorful and sweet post, thanks for sharing this

  5. A well loved book in our home too, we built the bean den last year and it was a big hit with Imogen - lots of hiding ;-)

  6. We had this from the library over the last few weeks. It is fabulous!

  7. I must check and see if our library has this book. I'm so into this kind of thing--unfortunately I will have wait again for a large garden (moving and all). But will make good with our container gardens. :D

    Thanks for the post.


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