Saturday, April 17, 2010


James has been spending a lot of time this week just pottering about in the garden.  He amused himself for ages just playing with a pile of straw.  Of course, it's not just playing, or amusement - it is much more important than that - living, learning and growing taking place right before my eyes.

He learns what he lives - the garden is where we spend most of out time right now, so that shows up in his play.

Just up the road from us, a new railway line and station are being built.  For well over a year, we have lived with big trucks and machinery going by, and we take frequent walks up to see how things are going.  One of the men told us that the big track-laying machine will be arriving in the next week or so, but James is already ahead of schedule with his track.

I love the way children just observe and absorb, and then you see how real learning happens.


  1. I love his beautiful hair! Such a sweet boy.

  2. wonderful post,such wise true words xx

  3. It looks like in the top/first photo he was just talking away. these photos are just priceless! Will you go up to watch them lay some track?
    Great photos Jacqui-thanks for sharing them.


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