Saturday, April 17, 2010

Garden greenery

Lots of green stuff shooting up in the plot this week.  The lovage is such a strong growing plant - a bit of a thug mind you, but it looks splendid in it's corner when it is taller.  Just a couple of young leaves add a lovely savoury taste to a green salad.
Garlic is looking good.

The shallots are peeking through.

Hmmm - so are the creeping buttercups.

The nettles are ready to pick at last.

and look at this cheeky foxglove growing out of the wall!
The delicate angelica is looking very lush too.  Not surprising that everything is bursting into growth - we have had a fairly long spell of decent weather.  A bit cold and windy the last couple of days, and we have been warned about more snow.  Every time I check the forecast pages, though, the snow has been pushed back another day.  Maybe at this rate I will be posting pictures of a snow covered garden in June!  Apparently it did snow in June one year - about 60 years ago!  It is ingrained into our local folk memory now, and people even younger than me will say - 'It once snowed in June' as if they were there.  Funny thing the weather.


  1. I love these growing photos, so inspiring :)

  2. Oh dear, no time to read further but so much to catch up on in your blog!

  3. Oh! It all looks soooo lovely! I really like lovage too. Are you making nettle wine this year?

    I hope they are wrong and it doesn't snow again until winter!


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