Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bridging the ocean

On our journey to Camus Bostadh, we had to cross over the Atlantic Ocean - via the Bernera Bridge. There is a poignant semi-circle of stones on the hillside there, which looks just like a group of women, shawls pulled about them as they gaze over the sea.

They are thought to be part of the Callanish complex of stone circles, and are known as Callanish VIII.  It is a fascinating subject, and so much has been written and speculated about these stones, which are reckoned to be over 5000 years old.  I feel very strongly that they are images of women and of a matri-focal society, and the idea that Callanish is a lunar observatory would fit in with that. They are powerful and special in any case - no doubt about that.

Certainly worth crossing an ocean for.


  1. They...are...gorgeous! I notice they are fenced off. Boy that would kill me to be there and not be able to put my hands on them!
    Yep, simply gorgeous.

  2. Meg - they are only fenced off at the front to stop you from plunging down the cliff face. There is a path up from the road direct to the stones. I was able to touch and hug each one. xx

  3. How beautiful your last few post have been Jacqui, so inspiring and uplifting, thank you.

    Blessings Gina xx

  4. Wow-- they do look like woman in shawls-- I really like your blog!


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