Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach No.3

Another day in Lewis, another beach. - more isolated this one, but well worth the twisted mountainous road to get there.  Camus Bostadh in Great Bernera.  Bostadh (pr Bosta) means small farm and is a Norse word.  The west coast here abounds with names which show their Viking heritage.  Again, I won't say too much, as the pictures pretty much speak for themselves..  

One interesting feature about this beach (yes, I know the setting is enough of a feature, but...), about 20 years ago a storm caused the sand dunes to shift, revealing 4 Iron Age houses built on the beach. Imagine finding that when you went to walk your dog in the morning!  Once excavated, they built this replica close to the site, and recovered the originals with the sand. Unfortunately it was still closed for the Winter, so we couldn't see inside, but a definite visit next time. I love how it just blends in to the landscape.

The original Iron Age village was just behind this fence - but the chap below was roaming around freely.  Luckily he was friendly enough - we Scots generally are :) 


  1. Another lovely beach, love the Iron Age settlement story and replica.
    The Highland pic is lovely too, looks very friendly and curious :-)

  2. So beautiful. The Iron Age discovery is amazing (I have a masters degree in archaeology so that kind of stuff thrills me!)

    You are lucky to have such a beautiful and interesting place to explore.

  3. I'm glad he was friendly with horns like that! The long houses are fascinating! And to think, you may have lived in one in a past life! (i'm serious, but also being a bit whimsical).


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