Sunday, April 25, 2010

Beach No. 1

We were back in the Hebrides for a few days, and driving through Harris to visit friends, we spotted this gloriously deserted beach at Horgabost. How could anyone drive on from there?

One boy, and his dad -  excitedly anticipating that first barefoot step into the soft sand.

Full of the joys, running towards the sparkling sea.

Feeling that deliciously cold water lap gently over the toes! 

Paradise indeed!
Except it got a bit crowded later.


  1. The sea looks so blue and twinkly - gorgeous.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a fantastic place! Love the sheep photo too! :) x

  3. Before i forget again I like the new header/header photo (er um, except the chicken and you know what i mean, lololol).

    Great photo story! The photos and the beach are gorgeous. It does look to be still quite chilly but James doesn't seem to mind a bit!
    Hope you enjoyed your time away!
    meggs xx

  4. Thank you - it is a fabulous place and there is a nice wee camp site there too.
    Megg - the chicken photo is especially for you. x


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