Wednesday, April 28, 2010

And of course...

... no visit can be made to this land without seeing the hauntingly beautiful The Callanish Stones.  A 5000 year old community standing proudly and stoically in the middle of the island.

What are their secrets?  Ah - if only they could tell us - if only we would hear them.

I feel that each stone has a character all of it's own.

and this one is my favourite - a comforting and beautiful image of Motherhood. 


  1. Just gorgeous! I love that the one you think of Motherhood is also wearing a crown!

  2. It's amazing that each stone seems to have its own personality! Very poetic post, Jacqui. I like your blog.
    I hope you wouldn't mind me joining your followers list. I just became a new Mum at 40 after a 21 year gap and would like to keep in touch with other Mums for inspiration and ideas.

  3. Hi Megg - I like that too.
    Natalya - Thank you very much - I am delighted to have you along. yes, after such a gap it is just like being a new Mum again. Do you have a blog too?

  4. I can feel them from here! lovely shots.


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