Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Nature Table

Just a quick post to show our newly revamped nature table in its Spring colours. Even though we still have some vestiges of snow lying around, there is a definite scent of spring in the air.


  1. Look at those lovely daffodils!!!

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  4. sorry, my computer just triple posted.

  5. What a beautiful nature table, you have inspired me to make ours more spring like :)
    Blessings, Sue xx

  6. Your spring nature table is lovely. :) Must do our nature basket this week... and take down the winter decorations! :)

  7. lovely .. heres to Spring and all that beautiful colour.
    Hoping your little man is better xxx

  8. I love your nature table and am always glad to see it-thank you for sharing it with us.
    All of it looks so "springy" and uplifiting of spirits and mood. That big yellow candle in the center is FAB! Do you dip your own candles Jacqui?
    I am also very intrigued by the book. Things to look for in Spring. hmmmm.
    You had one for winter didn't you? Do you have one for each season.? Would you care to share your spring one for a book sharing (what day of the week?)?

    Well, that was a lot of nosey questions wasn't it. Like a little kid. LOL!

    Hope you are having a magical day!

  9. Your table is the essence of Spring. I'm just about to look out my copy of 'What to look for in Spring'!


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