Friday, March 5, 2010

A snuggly day.

James was feeling a bit poorly today - he woke up in the night and informed me he had a cold.  I had thought yesterday he was 'hanging' for something, as we say here abouts.  Anyway, such a day called for some quiet down time,
 and burning of tea tree and eucalyptus oil,
lots of chammomile tea with honey and lemon to drink,
some gentle remedies,
and lots of snuggles on the couch with his favourite blanket and all the teddies - oh, and Mum too, when she put her camera down!


  1. Bless him. He does look full of cold. Hope he recovers quickly, and is soon full of the joys of Spring again.

  2. Hope he's feeling a little better today xxx

  3. Oh, I always enjoyed it when my babies were just a wee bit under the weather (not too sick mind you) and we could cuddle a bit.

  4. Hope he's feeling much better today. He looks so flushed. x

  5. bless him, hope he is better soon x

  6. Okay, i know where i am going the next time i don't feel good. LOL!
    I like tea with rose hips in it too, for the vitamin c. Yum!
    Hope your wee boy is feeling bright-eyed and busy-tailed soon!

    You stay well and take good care too!

  7. Thank you all - the home remedies, cuddles and good wishes must have helped because he was almost back to normal the next day!

  8. Glad James is feeling better! :)


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