Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just a song at twighlight.

Every evening we are entertained by this maestro.  His sweet tenor voice resounds in the garden until darkness has fallen.  He trills his beautiful song long after the other birds have quietened down, occassionaly interrupting his tune to chime a sharp warning 'chink chink' if he senses danger.
By that time, most of our garden birds are roosting in this tall juniper, or in the overgrown privet hedges that surround the top part of the garden, and apart from Mr Blackbird, only quiet chirpings and murmurings can be heard as they settle down after their busy day.
And they are very busy right now - collecting all sorts of bits and pieces for their nests - flying around, diving into hedges and undergrowth all over the place, stopping off now and then for a quick snack.  There is a definite air of purposefulness.  Our garden is a bit wild and messy, so there are always lots of debris lying around that the birds can use.
Today I gave James a haircut - not too drastic, just a wee trim.  What better use for those soft blond curls than to nestle some little baby birds in?


  1. beautiful photos. i hope you and your little one get to see a bird carry those curls away. sweet.

  2. I love bird songs. I am in between song birds right now, my goldfinches have gone away and my purple finches and haven't arrived yet. I miss them.
    Love that chickadee pic. And I hope they put those curls in their nest, I'm sure they will.

  3. sweet little bird. that beautiful golden hair really will make a cozy nest!

  4. Lovely blackbird, a good songster is really worth listening to, There is a lovely blackbird songster living down our street and we often stop to listen to him as we walk into town.
    The hair will line a bird nest for sure. lucky chicks.

  5. Lovely photos to weave a picture story of your spring. Very much enjoyed.
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  6. love the idea of the birds using the locks of hair- I posted a similar idea last week if you are interested this is the link:
    have a great weekend.


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