Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How much fun can you have...

with a box of shredded paper packaging?  Well, quite a lot, apparently.  First of all you can unload it and spread it around with your toy digger.

Then you can have snowball fights, without the freezing fingers. 

You can just roll around in it, and scoop it into little piles.

Then load it into your tipper truck and take it to the dump, which you have made from the cardboard box.

You could maybe take the brush through and make a start a clearing up.

Or find another more interesting game with the bargain boxes of washing powder (£2.60) that Mum couldn't resist at the Co-op  (even though it is the biological  stuff, and she didn't notice until she got home.)
Anyway - who needs toys when there are so many more interesting things to be getting on with?  Wonder what we'll do tomorrow.


  1. Wonderful, Tarka would have LOVED that!

    Gina xx

  2. You are the best mom ever! That looks like SO much fun. I usually let my monkeys do something like that only on New Years Eve.

  3. Great photo story Jacqui! It looked like it was a very rainy day (through the windows).
    Hope you are having a good week!

  4. Who needs toys, indeed, cheers Marie

  5. You are such a good mum! And at least there was a START on clearing up.


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