Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Holding on as much as we can.

We visited Gran in hospital today.  She was looking very relaxed and settled.  The hairdresser had been in, and the nursing assistant had given her a manicure.  She had participated in a chair exercise session that morning, and had watched a film after lunch.  She seems to be far less agitated in this setting, much as I thought she would.  She's  not sure why she is there, and yet she thinks this is where she has always been.  She knows this wee boy's smile though.
Thanks you for all your supportive and gentle messages about Mum. I have a half drafted post in my head somewhere about my thoughts and feelings regarding this.  It may come out fully fledged one day - who knows?  For now, though, we are just holding on as much as we can. 


  1. Such a very precious photo.

    Hugs x

  2. Thinking of you all, what a lovely photo, many more like these will help keep the memories ih all your hearts.
    Take care of yourself, and if writing your thoughts down helps, do it, even if it's just personal for your eyes only.

  3. I always love the photos of your sweet boy! Take care mama.

  4. Ahh what a beautiful precious photo :)
    Love and hugs to your family xxx

  5. James has a beautiful smile. Love and best wishes to you and your family. xx

  6. Such a hard thing to go through for you all. I'm thinking of you.

    We were due to travel north to visit my Dad in hospital this weekend but I've been ill again and just couldn't manage the journey. It's the hospital season, it seems.


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