Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another post about Spring and seed sowing

Now that the hens have been banished to their own sector for the growing season, I noticed this little chap making a tenuous return.  I haven't seen this growing for here a couple of years, although I knew it should have been.  Pulmonaria, or lungwort is a very pretty plant - white spotted leaves and pink and purple flowers. My grandparents had a huge bank of these flowering every spring, and my Gran called it Joseph's Coat.  I'm not sure if that was her own name for it, or a local one.  Anyway - I was very pleased to see it back again.

I took the tomato seedlings out to the greenhouse to pot them on. As you can see, some of them are a bit leggy. (Please ignore the plant labels in the picture - if you turn the tray around the proper names are there  - those are last year's showing on the back ) Anyhow, I potted them on into their own pots - just planted them deeper so they aren't falling over each other.  Hopefully this should encourage side roots to grow from the buried stem, so making the whole plant stronger.

So, now they look like this - except they are back in the conservatory.  All nicely labelled and misted with rescue remedy to reduce the trauma they have been through.  My friend Megg suggests using Walnut essence, as this helps them relocate.  I will remember that for next time.  Gosh - look at the mess under that staging - shame on me!  I refilled the propagator with red and yellow sweet pepper seeds - Golden Californian Wonder, and Red Bendigo, Cayenne chilli pepper, Golden Hubbard squash,  Oregano and Basil.  No stopping now!  


  1. I am looking forward to enjoying the updates!

  2. Shall i tease you a bit and say: Yeah, you hope the hens are banished for the whole season. LOL! Or did you get the fencing secured for certain?

    Thanks for sharing that great photo of the lungwort. I have never seen one and i agree, it is a pretty plant!

    Your seedlings look great already! Did i tell you i got an email saying my plants had been shipped?

    And no, definitely not shame on you! You are absolutely allowed to be messy when gardening! :))

    Hope you are have a great week!


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