Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winter's last fling

Another few days of heavy snowfall here, as we head into March.  The Winter fun has not yet diminshed for my two boys.  Yesterday, they both rushed outside for what could be the last fling of this season.
James has been getting much more confident in the snow, and it is he who throws the first snowball.
 Kenneth , being older by around 15 years, always has the advantage right now.  James is scooped up and carried, upside down, helpless with laughter to the coal bunker, where he almost has a snow shampoo. He is safe in his big brother's strong arms,though and the games continues.
It does get cold, so they come in to the warm.  Kenneth resumes his studying, and James helps to clean the dining table and chairs.  Lots of soapy bubbles and his own sponge - great fun for a boy.
Later, he had a long involved game, where he and his teddies sail off to the seaside at Stornoway (I think I might have chosen somewhere warmer, but it wasn't my game!)  There was a harbour, a harbour toyshop, golden sand, warm water, cold water, teddies in a boat (his old baby bath), and rocks.  The teddies often got into trouble on the high seas, and had to be rescued by the lifeboat.  Here he is splashing in the cold water. Dad was on hand as the go-fer, carrying out James' instructions (and you have to get them right!)

And here is James, 'dancing on the rocks with flags' 
It was a real privelege to watch such flourishing of this new, innocent imagination.


  1. I'll bet it is!

    Great photo story and love the whole sailing Teddies story. Looks like all the boys had a great time!

  2. The sailing Teds are so lovely! Nothing much changes as they get older, apparently. My daughter told me today that in her Higher English class for a creative writing piece recently, to be inspired by a painting, the boys all independently chose a stormy sea scene and wrote about shipwrecks and pirates.


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