Friday, February 26, 2010

A week of mixed blessings

The week began with a springlike feel to it.  Pottering around the garden a bit, beginning to clear up the greenhouse after the hens' winter occupation.  As I emerged with a box of plant pots to be cleaned, my eye caught this wonderful juicy bud on the hydrangea bush.  My favourite flower - last year's dried blooms are still gracing my kitchen, and this year's are now on the way. Perfect nature.
The postman brought this package from a wonderful Mama. Thank you for sharing spring with us Denise, and for your beautiful blog - A Smile a Day.  We love to visit you for a daily smile. James loves the postman too - he brings lots of nice things to the house.

 A tasty Sunday breakfast of warm granola muffins got us off to a good start.

James agreed.

Then - in the middle of the week, it snowed!  Well, you'd never guess, but our snowman this time was an Ancient Roman senator!  It always surprises and delights me when the form of our snow figure reveals itself.  There was no mistaking it - he could even have been an emperor - possibly Nero, going by the shape.
Well, Nero isn't really the kind of chap you want hanging around your garden, so I was glad he had declined and fallen the next day.  Too much rain, you see.

So, the rest of the week has been pretty wet and we have been indoors a lot.  Much crafting has gone on - knitting of donkeys and hens, and a very blue eyed daffodil child appeared, ready for spring.
Tissue paper stars have begin to appear on conservatory windows.  We are hoping they will  keep the birds from hitting the glass windows once the babies start to fledge.  More colourful  than the sinister hawk shadow stickers we used last year., and hopefully they will be effective.

And, sadness at the end of the week, when my mother was admitted to hospital.  The cruel disease of dementia has been stealing her away from us bit by bit for several  years, but now she needs a lot more care and support. She wll stay in the assessment unit for possibly 6 - 8 weeks, and hopefully will be discharged into a local nursing home. We visited today and although  confused, she seemed fine, and enjoyed her time with James.  So, now we have to find a new rhythm which incorporates visiting with Gran - I'm sure we will pick it up if we listen hard enough. 


  1. I love the blue eyed daffodil child. Looks like a lovely week!

  2. Love that top photo. Your photos have a great feel to them.

  3. I'm almost out of internet time for the week and hate that i am scrawling a hastily written comment for you. i loved the beginning of your week and especially the crafts-that donkey is GREAT!!!

    My heart goes out to you and your Mum, Jacqui. It is such a ginormously hard thing to go through. I'm not sure what your wishes are in the situation, so i'll just send along energy, like the Reiki way: for the greater good of all. xx oo


  4. Hugs to you Jacqui xxx.

    Loving your crafts too, they just fabulous.

  5. Jacqui, you should know by now you can't just post a pic of something delicious without the recipe, lol! Those muffins are making my mouth water!
    Sorry to hear about your Mum, Dementia/Alzheimers are indeed cruel diseases, it is heartbreaking to watch someone you love disappear day by day.

  6. Forgot to say, I made the spelt bread recipe you posted and it was lovely, thanks again!

  7. I love all of your crafty makes, such a talent! Very inspiring :)

    Sincere sadness upon hearing about your mum, thoughts are with you all and I hope that the new routine that beckons is one that slots into life with ease.

  8. Love to you all darling, and a huge hug for Mum.

  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I am happy, for want of a better word, with the care Mum is receiving, but it is a lot to process. I have a half drafted post in me that I hope to get round to doing, but meantime I am thankful that i have so many other bessings in my life. xxx

  10. Hi Jacqui!
    I do love that donkey you made. Would happen to know where i could find a crochet pattern for one that looks like yours? I've searched the internet with no luck and i don't knit.
    No worries if you don't know or don't have time. I just figured it didn't hurt to ask!

    So glad to hear your Mum is getting good care!



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