Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Something has survived....

Amazingly, some crops did manage to survive the harderst winter for how ever many years it was.  Pentland Brig Kale - no surprises there really - the hardiest one of all.  I like this one - a bit coarse, and needs a bit of chewing, but still there.  We should start getting some brocolli type spears on it soon, so it has earned its place for a month or two yet, and I think this will be the only kale I will plant this year.  I did grow more of the trendy cavolo nero, beloved of the Jamies and Nigellas of this world,  but they just weren't there when it mattered.
Just one small chard made it through.  Usually I can rely on this to give me some fresh greens well into the new year.  It does die back a bit, but normally revives ok - not this year though. I notice that this is a white one - the bright coloured ones all succumbed.
Spindly little garlic shoots poking up through the mulch there.  I am pleased with this showing, as they are quite a bit further on than this time last year.  I had a great crop last summer, but they are finished now, so i have planted twice as many this time.
And, of course, where would I be without leeks right now.  They feature on the house menu at least once a day at the moment - a truly splendid vegetable.  I grew them from seed too!  A mixture of Musselburgh and St Victor.  The Musselburgh are almost finished now, and the St Victor should be good until April - May.  they are my favourite, with their blue tinged leaves.  I notice in the foreground of this picture, you can see the sorry state of the cavolo nero - maybe I should move my garden to Tuscany.


  1. You and your garlic. Guess you won't be troubled by any emo gothic vampires by your house LOL! (Do you have that particular trend over there?)

    I think of you and your story about the hamburger/ground beef "being off" every time i use my powdered garlic in mine. I know, you are gasping at the dried, powdered type.

    But your garden looks like a great beginning for the year! Something green that is edible and not a weed hoorah!

    On the bees, last i read your neighbor was having second thoughts and didn't want you to have them??

    nutMeg xx

  2. Hmm nice to see the plants survived the toughest winters...

    Pixellicious Photos

  3. I always think how interestingly different our gardens are - I love Cavalo Nero too and have overwintered ours with no problems, such a great crop, but we are many many miles South of your garden :-).
    Lovely to see your Kape surviving and thriving.
    Loving the garlic too - we planted many more this year and they're growing lovely.


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