Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love, hearts and candlelight

We don't normally do much in the way of Valentine decorations and such, but I have been inspired by so many wonderful blogs I've been reading lately to celebrate this time of love.  It's strange too, because my husband and i made our commitment to each other one Valentine's day, and we married in February too, so it is actually a romantic time for us. To make up for my previously puritan position,therefore, we have had an explosion of hearts and crafts in the house.  Food is always a good place to start when thinking about love and romance -so - we made shortbread jam hearts for tea.
James loves to help, but much of this involves him eating most of it "I'll just try a wee bit!" he says.  Oh well, quality control is an important part of the process.

James also got busy helping to make some tissue paper hearts to hang in the window and catch the light..

Who knows?  It may even encourage the garden birds to find romance.

We also made hearts from one of James' watercolours.  I saw a tutorial on Gardenmama's blog where she rubbed oil into one of the childrens' paintings to make it translucent and they made lanterns.  I thought it was a beautiful effect, so we copied it here.  It's hard to see in the photograph, but it does glow in the sunlight.

And all this love activity seemed to be catching.  Before i knew it, my 20 year old daughter was rummaging through the craft drawers looking for glitter, paint and coloured paper, to make her boyfriend a card and help James make cards for everyone.

and even my 18 year old chemistry major son took time out to create a mosaic heart card for his girlfriend!
I am delighted to find that romance is alive and well in this house.

Later on we had a small celebration of the Chines New Year, by lighting our homemade paper laterns on the season table.  We made these from oiled watercolours in the same way as the window hearts. Just to be safe (oil and fire is not really a good combinations) we put the candles into small glass jars inside the lanterns.  
Then we all enjoyed a Chinese meal for dinner, followed by our shortbread jam hearts for desert.
Kung Hoi Fat Choi


  1. seeing your big children making ,warmed my heart xx

  2. That's funny, we've gone the opposite way in our house this year! I think we've had so much happening recently where love and commitment have been demonstrated that we thought old St Valentine was a bit superfluous this year. Even teenage daughter has spurned him. But it's so lovely to see all the crafts going on in your house. Who knows, next year we might plunge back in!

  3. Wonderful post - all of it! Jam tarts look delish and love the arts and crafts. I too was very intrigued with oil in the painting idea on those jelly jar lanterns and what a cool idea to apply it to the Chinese lanterns.
    Your seasonal table looks absolutely lovely! Love the pussy willows-my, it's been years since i've seen/held any.

    Jacqui-when will spring arrive for you (usually)in Scotland?

  4. How great that the big kids were inspired too.

  5. what a beautiful post! i love all the love exploding through art. ;) those lanterns in the last picture are just lovely. i'm sure they are even more stunning in person.

    thanks for sharing!
    :) rae


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