Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In the night garden.

Looking for the moon.
There she is!
Dancing in the moonlight.
The Moon is over there now!
Do you think it's following us?


  1. Love the photos! Andddd now i have that song in my head.

    You can't dance and stay uptight
    It's a supernatural delight.

    And i'm off to youtube to see if i can listen there.

    BTW--i Love his hat!! xxoo

  2. Wonderful photo's as always.
    Cain and I were followed to the shop this evening, by the moon. Cain tried to outrun it but couldn't quite go fast enough.......xx

  3. All my children think the moon follows them, but never the sun,interesting that others think the same

  4. oh love those photos Mama, such joy and wonder xx

  5. yes the moon and it's son reports on it's size and whereabouts almost daily. I too just loved seeing your photos....and your son is so full of wonder and freedom. Thank you for sharing!


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