Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hens in the garden, in the garage, in the pram..

Those hens are getting everywhere, despite our attempts at keeping them in their own (very large) space. You may have noticed, in other pictures, the most attractive orange security barrier they were supposed to find too flimsy to perch on - they flew over and laughing at us, pooping all over the doorstep.  Now, one particularly brazen madam started laying her eggs in James' old buggy.  It has not been in use for many months, but sits in the garage, getting moved out of the way at least once a day.  Yesterday James found an egg in it!  He thought it was hilarious.
Then he decided that he didn't really want eggs in his pram, so he collected some straw and built her a nest. Don't think it is really secluded enough, but who knows.  Anyway, do you notice that grey thing in the corner of this shot?

Here's another look.  Just in case those girls  have managed to set up a broadband connection in their coop, I give you fair warning.  This is a 50ft roll of chicken wire, and 7 ft fencing will be going up in the next couple of weeks!  Sorry girls, but your reign is over.  I am taking back control of this garden and this time I really mean it!
 I do sound convincing, don't I?


  1. Oooh they're not going to be happy! We're going to try to contain our ladies a bit this year, so the children can play their own games rather than "dodge-the-chicken-poop"

  2. You sure sound convincing to us, but am not sure if you sound convincing to them :-)

    I can understand their fascination for the buggy. Enterprising lot they must be to go exploring old buggies.


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