Friday, February 19, 2010

For Meg.

Saw this and thought of you :)

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  1. I truly did laugh out loud and even clapped my hands--I L-O-V-E it! It looks like it is really blue--is it really blue?
    It is FAB! I saved the photo and i think i will even put it as my desktop photo for a while :))).

    And...for today's serendipity moment... This morning, a mere 3 hours before viewing this, i was thinking about my "nest material ball" i will be making this weekend. I thought: "Maybe i'll use twine instead of dental floss to bind it. Hey, i should put some bits of twine in it along with yarn. I wonder if i have enough twine; maybe i should stop by the store for more. One should always have excess twine about the house."

    You made my whole day-my whole weekend even!
    Thank you, thank you! I hope your's is magical.

    Hey-btw, speaking of nesting materials, how did your backyard bird count turn out?

    Thanks again Jacqui!
    a complete nutMeg.


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