Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where has my garden gone?

Hiding under a very thick quilt of wet snow! Well - it is Winter right enough, but I can't remember it snowing so heavily and so early for a long long time.  We have been blanketed for over 2 weeks now and more is falling just now, so it is a winter wonderland out there.  I last ventured down to the leek bed, which is a the very bottom of the plot this year, on Sunday and this is how it looked.  I made do with an onion from the store instead :)

Everything seems just bowed over with the weight  - like this Tuscan Black Kale.

We've all been sagging a bit - Christmas is over and the week long wait for the Ne'erday seems to drag on - especially when we've all been at home and mostly confined to the house. Still - Hogmanay tomorrow, and my sister and one of my nephews arived over from Canada today.  To them, this is like springtime - they have left ice storms and horrendously low temperatures that i can't really imagine - even if i could convert Farenheit to Centigrade.

My soft fruit order was delivered on Christmas Eve, which was very convenient (not) and has been sulking in the greenhouse waiting to be planted.  I have 12 Autumn bliss and 3 Autumn gold raspberry canes (i really want to make a two coloured raspberry tart next year), 3 more blueberry bushes, 1 blackberry (or bramble as we call them here), 1 cranberry and 1 lingonberry - which is a Scandinavian berry similar to a cranberry.  I only really know it from that strange soft drink tap in the Ikea restaurant which everone ignores - but - nothing ventured.. as they say.
Many blessings to you all for a fruitful New Year xxx


  1. Boy you are buried under a blanket of snow..and no shovel! You're thinking of your berries while i am looking at your snow and thinking of those tomatoes...sigh!

    Well, a Happy New Year to you, or do you say "A guid New Year to ane an' a' and mony may ye see!" (i found that on the internet).

  2. Lovely snowy pictures, although not so good with all that lovely fruit ready to plant. I'm hoping to pick up some berry plants soon - cranberry, blueberry and thinking of some Tayberries and hybrid fruits too. Decisions, decisions.

    Happy New Year x

  3. Your garden is beautiful even with a blanket of snow. Enjoy your visit with family and hopefully the greenhouse will hold everything until it warms up a little bit.

    Happy New Year!!!


  4. Happy New Year! Sounds as if you have the potential for a very fruitful year ahead with all that. I'll look forward to seeing your results.


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