Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Wedding

We had a wonderful trip down south to a family wedding.  It was held at The Vyne - a very interesting National Trust property dating from the 16th Century.  It was a bright, freezing cold day, but as you can see, James, being a hardy Scot was quite happy running around the gardens in his kilt and shirtsleeves.

Although there are over 1000 acres of park, wood and wetlands on this estate, we didn't get much opportunity to look around - the high heels were a bit of a hindrance on the soft ground.  Next time we go down to visit, however, a day out here is a must.
I also didn't really manage to take many photographs - too busy catching up with folk and running around after a certain kilted boy.  Here are some quite nice ones though -

 The groom is nervous..

..but all was well in the end and handsome Craig married the beautiful Kirsty.  We wish them every happiness.

And then we partied on into the night.


  1. What a lovely wedding...and a beautiful couple.

    That little cutie in the kilt is just too precious.

    Wonderful photos Jacqui!

  2. he looks gorgeous in that kilt xx

  3. Lovely photos, looks like everyone enjoyed the day.

  4. What beautiful wedding shots - and the kilt trajectory from small and adorable to tall and handsome.
    High heels are a handicap, aren't they!

  5. As much as I love the bride and groom photos the last one steals the scene for me. Adorable!


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