Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's flowers - Hydrangea in winter

I still have a few blooms decaying gracefully on my hydrangea plant in the garden.  I love this flower and it gives me so much throughout the year.  It is a stunning sight in the summer when it is in full bloom.  It provides wonderful cut flowers fresh for the table, or dried for decorations and Christmas wreaths.  The leaves are great for using to decorate a cheesboard (thank you Ina) or for pressing to use in leaf print pictures and making wrapping paper. As the autumn and winter draw on, the colour of the florets fade from bright blue and mauve to a dark pink, then winey red before turning a rosy brown.  A delicate edging of frost highlights their shape here.
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  1. Around this time we treasure every little flower!!
    Lovely picture!!

  2. they're still so pretty! nice photo :) I love hydrangeas...i used them in my wedding bouquet this August !

  3. The frosted Hydrangea makes a splendid picture. Well done.

  4. d nman tau pnsan dbah..? bliw tlga tong c cion...

  5. Your photo reminds me that there is indeed beauty in every stage of our lives too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  6. The frost on the edges of the leaves looks like a thin lace. Beautiful photo!

  7. ohh poor flowers but i am sure they will bloom again once the cold season pass by

    mine is here

  8. I've got to try to dry hydrangeas and use them like you are. And how exactly do you do the leaf prints below? Also I love the autumn tree by the water, lovely light. Great blog!


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