Thursday, November 12, 2009

More frosting

We had more frost at the beginning of the week.  Monday morning I think this was - it's been a busy few days. A fine dusting of silver on the plot.

I love the details that are picked out by frost.  It just seems to add another dimension to this  fallen leaf.

Or some fine lace edging to this Pentland Brig kale.

Black Tuscan kale gets a more pearly makeover

And the leeks go for the full diamonte effect.

Even the humble pineapple weed shows her delicate filigree off  with a touch of frost.


  1. Beautiful pics. Frost, so photogenic but what will suffer, or are all the important things already under wraps? Now I have a few free moments, I must read back through your recent blogs. It's been a gorgeous warm day here and I have been out in the garden for the first time in weeks.

  2. These are wonderful. And your poppy, below, is gorgeous.

  3. Lovely frosty detail, Jacqui. Kale looks good in the winter on the worst of days, but frost makes it magical. I don't have any this year - mistake!

    Even your weeds look good!

  4. This is so creative showing the beauty in frost...

  5. Brrrr ... looks COLD to me but BEAUTIFUL. I shared some 'frost' photos my sister sent me from the road at Sacred Ruminations this weekend ;-)
    Hugs and blessings,

  6. Very beautiful frost photos. Love the leek leaves especially. I've become a follower, but not sure what that really means . . .

  7. such lovely photos!
    jack frost certainly paid a visit to your gardens and left his delicate designs behind!


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