Monday, November 23, 2009

Bringing the garden in

Faded hydrangea blooms to dry for a Christmas wreath - burgundy dogwood stems for our winter table display and a few leaves to press and use for printing cards and wrapping paper.


  1. Beautiful - we can't grow hydrangeas here, though I think I might try in a large pot, somewhere out of the wind. I hope you will post your wreath when it is done, and your printed paper.

  2. Better be careful - I see a Country Living feature about a lady in the Highlands (sic) who makes wonderful Christmas wreaths from hydrangeas...

  3. Haha Linda - you had me scouring my copy for this feature until I twigged! Well - we'll wait and see how it turns out. My inspirtional ideas often turn out a bit half baked.xx
    Ann - I will post my wreath - however it turns out. I am quite pleased with the paper and will put up a photo in the next day or two.


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