Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bramble Pie

After reading a story about a woodland picnic with his Dad today, James asked if we could have bramble pie.  He was rather impressed with the illustration in the book.  Luckily I had a small tub of brambles, (or blackberries) stashed in the freezer from a foraging trip in September.  I eked them out with some wonderful locally grown organic pears  and was very happy with the result.  So was James - he had 3 slices!  Local, organic and the brambles were free - how bad can that be?


  1. Your photo brought the taste of apple and bramble pie right back to me. I can't bring myself to buy blackberries in the supermarket - it seems wrong. But I've been reading up about cultivated varieties for the allotment.

  2. Oh - me too. Someone ws talking on the Beechgrove garden the other week about them. I could never buy them from horrible Tescos - especially since they usually come from Peru or somewhere equally far removed from a hedgerow.


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