Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bean yesterday - garlic tomorrow.

I had lots of help clearing the bean bed today.

James really worked hard and we had a great time. He put his new (to him) trike and trailer to a lot of use.
He loved helping to fill the wheel barrow with mulch.

And now we have a beautiful bed ready to plant our garlic as soon as it arrives. Once again I have ordered from The Really Garlicky Company. I was so pleased with my harvest this year - definitely the best I have had. The bulbs are strong with nice fat cloves and they taste great. I have sent away for 40 bulbs this year, so should get around 150 cloves from that.
I love gardening - there is always something new to look forward to. With 3 of us now working the plot who knows what we can achieve next season!

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  1. Interesting to read about your garlic. I've always ordered mine from the big English seed catalogues. Last year the crop failed completely. Now seeing your recommendation I might give the Really Garlicky Company a go - apart from anything they're only a few miles from where I grew up.


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