Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Winter sowing

As the beds are cleared and the summer crops eaten, seeds are being sown for winter consumption. Rocket, corn salad, lettuce and spinach are already showing above ground, while more lettuce, winter hardy spring onions, endice and chicory are cosy under their poly tunnel. I may be a bit late with them, but hopefully the extra protections and a few warm days will bring them on. Winter purslane and land cress have also been sown. Along with the chards, kales, brussels sprouts and leeks, this should give a fair selection of green stuff to keep us going until spring.
While clearing a patch of ground the other day, I came across some parsnips growing away under their 'mulch' of chickweed. I had given up on them in late spring, so I was very happy to see the, Only enough for 1 meal, but very welcome nonetheless. I noticed some scorzonera plants growing in the rose bed too - they have obviously seeded from a few years ago!
I will be ordering the garlic bulbs in the next few days and hope to get them in a bit earlier this year. I was so pleased with my harvest this year - seed was from The Really Garlicky Company - and it has been a great success. That is probably all I will plant out now, as I don't think their is a great time advantage in setting out broad beans and shallots now. They don't tend to overwinter well in this area anyway, so clearing and mulching for the rest of the beds.
Oh yes - I am going to give winter wheat a go. Hoping to get that in very soon - this weekend even. So, although one season draws to a close, there is always something to look forward to.

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