Friday, September 25, 2009

A little bit corny.

So, I couldn't wait any longer and decided to harvest some of the sweetcorn. I had been feeling the cobs for a few weeks and definitely detected some knobbly bits, but the ends still felt a bit empty. Anyway, on went the pot of salted water, and when it was at a nice rolling boil, James and I headed down the garden path to harvest our long anticipated corn feast. Hmmm - quite a few cobs still with no kernels, but we managed to find 4 fairly well filled ones. They were so sweet James didn't see the point in cooking them and had a large bite from the one on the far left. He was persuaded though, and we headed inside where the cobs were lightly poached and served with some good salted butter.
I am hopeful that the rest of the cobs will still mature and fill out a bit. The variety was Extra Early Sweet, so they should be ready by now. I certainly spent a lot of time shaking the pollen on to the tassells to ensure kernel development. I will give them another couple of weeks and try again. Then I will decide whether it is worth growing them again. Going by taste - well, yes - it was absolutely worth it. Those fresh crisp kernels were just so delicious. I'm not sure, however, if the yield can justify the space in the bed. Maybe Scotland is not suited to sweetcorn growing?

Having said that,however, why was it that when the new Organic Gardening Catalogue arrived yesterday, the first place it opened at was the sweetcorn page?

And pray, what more can a reasonable man desire, in peaceful times, in ordinary noons, than a sufficient number of ears of green sweetcorn boiled, with the addition of salt?

Henry David Thoreau.


  1. The thing is with sweetcorn is its the most anticipated crop, well in this house anyway. I don't think the boys would not let me grow it, even if we only get a few cobs!

    Looks like J enjoyed it!

  2. Lovely! I hope you all enjoyed them. We also got the organic catalogue through. Lots of veg I would like to try to grow. Do you grow salad/lettures in the winter? Is it possible in scotland?


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