Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A tale of two gardens

We've been busy harvesting our garden produce lately- and very tasty it has been too. James has enjoyed getting involved in this job, but seems to forget that we are picking the vegetables for the kitchen - most of his basket just gets eaten as he goes. Well it couldn't be any fresher than that!
.Gran and Papa have gone to Canada for 6 weeks, to visit my sister and her family, so we are looking after the greenhouse. James is very good at wielding the hose, but don't tell Papa that we let his cucumbers wilt!

Of course the best thing about two gardens is - double tomatoes :)


  1. the best bit is always the eating xx

  2. Harveting is a favorite pastime around here, to be sure.
    I was going to say raspberries and tomatoes are the favorite... but so are blackberries, green peppers, and looking for cucumbers! :)


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