Sunday, August 23, 2009

At last - a glut

Just one picking from the greenhouse! So many different colours, shapes and sizes - black, white, red, beefsteak, plum, round, cherry. Although, the cherries never make it into the kitchen - they are gobbled up straight from the vine (usually by a small fair haired blue eyed boy).

These beauties were made into Roasted Tomato Passata - unbelievably easy recipe courtesy of the River Cottage Preserves book. Made with 2kg tomatoes.

Half tomatoes and place cut side up in a single layer (yeah - ok we all know how to roast tomatoes!)
Thinly slice 500g shallots and sprinkle over toms, along with 4 chopped cloves garlic
Add a bunch of herbs - basil, oregano, rosemary - whatever you like. I have used marjoram as it was growing handily in a pot outside the kitchen window.
Season with salt and pepper and then drizzle with olive oil.
Roast until soft.

Press tomatoes through a sieve or mouli.
Bring the puree to the boil in a pan.

Sterilise your preserving jars and rings. (I needed 3 500ml parfait jars.)
Pour the hot puree into the warm jars and seal.
Put jars into a large pan, with a folded tea towel on the bottom, and cover with warm water.
Bring to a slow simmer and then simmer for a further ten minutes.
Cool and check seal. They will keep for year apparently.

A very tasty sauce and easy enough to fit in round other cooking type stuff. I will certainly manage to make several batches of this before the end of the season. Gluts are great!

And of course - what sort of gardening blog would this be without the obligatory novelty shaped fruit?


  1. I was hoping for a glut of tomatoes, having been given a whole stack of tomato seedlings. I gave some away, and they are growing nicely in my neighbours garden, but in my garden? The chickens have decimated all but one plant, which has four green tomatoes on it :( Next year perhaps I can use your recipe. It looks great!

  2. ooh. those tomatoes look delicious. we have quite a lot too. good job as i can't stop eating them.

  3. Thanks for the recipe--if I have a glut I just might make some of that! I've just been so thrilled to get any red tomatos this year--the last 2 years were disasters!

  4. You have so many tomotoes! Looks like you definitely have a green thumb! Wonderful idea on the canning. Thank you!


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